Wonho Thrills In The Twilight In Third Set Of Concept Photos

Wonho looks like an absolute prince as he glows under the twilight sky!

Wonho looks radiant as he shines like royalty in the latest version of the concept images for his upcoming debut album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me. 

Holding a pensive gaze, Wonho looks ethereal in a relaxed, breezy style as he strikes a pose on a ladder while the soft waters flow beneath his feet. The purple hued skies work their magic with the waters to highlight the singer’s beguiling visuals. 


Enrapturing Wenee with his intensely powerful and confident gaze, Wonho exudes a certain regal aura as he lays down on the wet sands. Just like the previous pictures, the concept images brilliantly make use of the surrounding natural light to put emphasis on the multi talented musician’s angelic features.  

Against the monotone backdrop, Wonho’s features shine under the spotlight in a close up image which brings more focus on his seraphic looks as he gazes straight into the camera with an assertive stare which only adds to his dynamism to state the least!


The stunner will be unveiling the final set of his concept photos tomorrow post which, Wonho will unveil the title track, “Open Mind”’s music video teaser on August 30. It will be followed by an awesome album preview on September 1. Wonho will then finally unveil his debut album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me on September 4.

Images: HIGHLINE Entertainment

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