Wonho Unfolds A Fabulous Schedule Poster For His Upcoming Comeback Album

It’s time to get those calendars out and jot down these dates Wenee, as Wonho unfolded a packed schedule poster for his upcoming comeback album!

Wonho took to his official SNS and unveiled a striking scheduler marking the dates leading to the release of his much-awaited comeback album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us.

The image highlights the sweet singer’s artistic vision as it features an aesthetic blue-toned backdrop with silhouettes of serene white blooming flowers.


Starting with the previously released comeback poster that featured Wonho’s hand delicately grazing the petals of the aforementioned white flowers and with this stunning scheduler image, the vocalist will now be revealing an awesome track list on February 7.

Next, get ready to brace yourselves Wenee as Wonho will be dazzling with his kingly charisma and showcasing his ‘mad elegant’ charms through not one, or two, but three sets of concept photos.


The first set of the captivating concept images will be dropping on February 10. Wonho will then be making Valentine’s Day even better as he will be blessing the world with his princely visuals, revealing the second set on the day. The final set featuring the “Losing You” crooner’s fabulous style will be revealed on February 15.

Besides these, Wonho will be mesmerizing fans with a music video teaser that he will unveil on February 21 that will be followed by an alluring album preview on February 23.

Finally, Wonho will be showcasing his musical genius with the release of his first comeback album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us. The bedazzling vocalist certainly has anticipations raised at an all-time high for what musical styles he will show through this latest reveal.

Meanwhile, the exciting album will be released through multiple music sources on February 26.

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Photo Credits: Highline Entertainment

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