Wonho Unveils A Stunning Schedule Poster For His Debut Album “Love Synonym”

Mark your calendars Wenee, we have a schedule to follow! 

While fans are still processing the amazing reveal of Wonho’s highly anticipated debut, the singer just dropped his album scheduler and it is equally as exciting as the album announcement. 

Love Synonym Scheduler

The image gives a sense of tranquility as it bears the same blue color palette as the teaser image for Love Synonym. However this time the image showcases the versatile vocalist standing on sand as his silhouette reflects on flowing water. 


According to the scheduler, the multi-talented musician will be unveiling a music video teaser for his track “Losing You” (whose title has already got fans and us, stocking up on tissues) tomorrow while the official video will be releasing on Friday, August 14 which will be followed by its lyric version on August 18.

On August 20, Wonho will then share his riveting track list before shaking hearts with not one, not two – but four concept photos from August 23 to August 26. 

The singer will then give a few days for Wenee to soak in the marvelous charms of his concept images before revealing the music video teaser for his track “Right For Me” on August 30 and following it up with an alluring album preview on September 1 before finally releasing his Love Synonym on September 4.

Wonho has raised anticipations for his upcoming album and rightfully so. Having showcased his caliber as an ace musician, there is no doubt whatsoever that listeners are in for a treat with his upcoming debut as well. 

Source: HIGHLINE Entertainment

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