Woodz Entrances With A Stunning Highlight Medley For “ONLY LOVERS LEFT”

Woodz Entrances With A Stunning Highlight Medley For “ONLY LOVERS LEFT”


Woodz is arriving soon with his highly anticipated comeback album. The handsome singer-songwriter is taking up the excitement level one reveal after another. The soloist took to his official SNS to unveil a highlight medley of his third mini-album ONLY LOVERS LEFT, and it is nothing short of breathtaking, to simply say so.

The released video is striking as it gives a superb sneak peek of each of the six tracks. They include, “Multiply”, “Thinkin bout you”, “Sour candy”, ‘Kiss of fire”, “Chaser”, and “WAITING”. What makes the clip all the more special is that each of the snippets is sung live by Woodz thereby evoking quite a powerful feel.

The pieces undeniably kindle curiosities for the tracks on the album. The lead number “WAITING” is a song that serves as the expression of the end of a love story that culminated in tragedy. Despite its groovy rhythm, its paradoxical lyricism conveys the emotions of feelings of sadness and denial after a breakup.

The double title song “Kiss of fire”, on the other hand, is a song that compares the burning moment of love to fire.


Additionally, “Multiply” elucidates the desire to multiply the love to an even bigger love. Next, “Thinkin bout you”, is reflective of its title. It talks about not being able to stop thinking about the one you love.

Besides these, “Sour candy” expresses love as being akin to, well, sour candy – sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. Lastly, “Chaser” depicts the other side of love and the process of going from love to parting.

ONLY LOVERS LEFT is an album that will seemingly reflect the emotion of love merged with Woodz’s sensibility. The release serves as an expression of the stages of love. The six tracks will further unravel a worldview analogous of reading a love story that depicts the beginning of love to the last parting.


Meanwhile, Woodz will be delighting listeners with his dulcet tunes on his third mini-album ONLY LOVERS LEFT.  The album will be releasing across various music sites at 6 PM KST on October 5.

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Photos | Video Credits: Yuehua Entertainment

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